One Conversation | Sunday, September 9 from 4-6pm

If you could have just one conversation with someone you care about on this side of eternity, what would you talk about? While most Christians would respond that they would talk about the Gospel, only 5% actually do. The reason is simple: most people are not equipped to share the Gospel. One Conversation is a 6 week training that will prepare you to have that conversation with those around you.

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While Montgomery County is experiencing some of the most advanced growth in the nation, the homeless population is experiencing an unfortunate growth as well. We have partnered with Under Over Fellowship to help feed the hungry of this county, and we collect nonperishable food items on a weekly basis for delivery. 


We partner with SONLIGHT ministries to install sustainable solar powered energy sources to minister to the Haitian people, and train local pastors to lead the local churches. Service and support opportunities are available.