We all want to belong and to be known by others—God created us for community. But whether you’re scared of rejection, think you don’t have time in your schedule, or have had bad experiences in the past, being part of community isn’t an option for believers; it’s a necessity.

The “one anothers” are 59 commands the New Testament gives us for how to live in unity and treat others with love, humility, and respect. Through Growth Groups, we help you pursue biblical friendship and practice the “one anothers” as you share the gospel together. Made up of men and women from all generations of life, these groups meet throughout the week for fellowship, care, prayer, accountability, connecting to the community, and building up one another in love.

Growth Groups aren’t something to observe; they’re something to experience. You are a participant in God’s story, with an active role to fulfill. So how can you begin? Select one the Growth Groups below and sign up! The Summer semester is June through August.
Group #1: Women’s
Meets Weekly Mondays 6pm
Women everywhere marvel at those “good girls” in Scripture, but that’s not what they see when they look in the mirror. Today’s modern woman is surrounded by challenges, so we will learn from the mistakes of the “bad girls” of the Bible.
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Group #2: Musical Artists
Meets Biweekly Wednesdays 6pm
If you are musically inclined, whether vocally or instrumentally, this group will interest you. This group will meet and study the theology behind the Sunday worship music, and practice together.
Group #3: Adults
Meets Biweekly Fridays 6:30pm
We’ve all experienced a time in life when it feels like the world is against us, and out first instinct is to give up or give in. In that moment, you need a comeback.God is the master of comebacks and orchestrated the greatest turnaround of all – through Jesus, the Savior who was crucified and came back from the grave. In Your Comeback, you will find inspiration to turn your circumstances around as you learn about some of the greatest comeback stories of all time.
Group #4: Adults
Meets Weekly Sundays 4pm
True faith produces fruit. A faith without action and without life change is ultimately dead faith. The book of James speaks to the realities of a living faith in Jesus that is borne out of an authentic relationship with the risen Lord. Francis Chan unpacks the dense truth contained in the book of James, challenging you to move beyond a private, intellectual knowledge of God and his Word, to a vibrant faith that impacts every part of life.